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We have had the wonderful opportunity to work with some of the best brewers to create some exciting collaborative beers while in Belgium in 2009.


Pipedream is a collaboration brew between Pipeworks, De Struise, and Alvinne. This was Pipeworks first ever official release originally brewed for the Pre-ZBF festival in early 2009. We had spent the winter there living and working with Urbain Coutteau of De Struise. We were doing a sort of apprenticeship there and were given the opportunity to help pen the recipe for an fusion between Belgian tradition and aggressive American hopping. The beer was quite a hit with the beer community and as a result Alvinne continues to brew it regularly today. While this beer is not yet imported to the US, it can be found at many locations throughout Europe as well as occasionally onStruise's web shop

When we learn that any of our beers are available for purchase we will be sure to post on our front page so those of you that wish to buy some can get a chance. 



Xenophon's Wine was our second collaboration, again with De Struise. Xenophon's wine is a blended ale which started as a barrel aged barley wine born at the De Struise farm. When we got there we decided that the barrel aged beer could use a bit of a pick me up from those good old flavorful American hops. We brewed a second batch of the original recipe, making some minor changes in the malts and some major changes in the hops! After a couple of months the two beers were blended and the resultant brew was aged further to allow the qualities of the two batches to mingle. The beer was debuted alongside Pipedream at the Pre-ZBF festival hosted by Alvinne.

Due to the extremely limited batch size of Xenophon's wine, we believe that most of these bottles have been sold or are being held by collectors. If you happen to stumble upon one, snatch it up as these limited bottles were meant to age for the years to come.  


While living at the De Struise farm, Beejay picked up a little (I mean very little) Flemish. At every opportunity he would let out his favorite expletive "Godverdomme" or god dammit. This ended up becoming the name of a third collaboration between Struise and Pipeworks; a collaboration that is still yet to be released. Initially the Hopverdomme was brewed as an extremely hoppy IPA... but it was so darned good that between the Pipeworks boys and the Struise boys, there was not a drop left for the public. Now nearly two years later, there are plans to finally release this damned hoppy ale, but an ordinary IPA may not do. This time it will be bigger and even hoppier than that original brew!!!

 It is still unclear when this hop monster will be available to the public, but when it is there is a good chance you'll be able to find it on the Struise web shop. We will keep you informed as to when it is ready Damn your tongue into hoppy oblivion.  



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